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Modern Warfare 2 Hacked / Modded Lobbies

Infections Packages & Prices

MW2 Infections Lobby Service = 1 Invite for 1 person to an infection lobby.
Price : $8.00

Infections include : 
Huge UAV
Nuke in care package 
Modded Free for All XP (Host Required)

All of the above work without host in public matches except for the modded free for all XP
These go away once you dashboard or turn off your console. The price above is for one person only.

MW2 7 Day Infections Pass = 1 Invite per day for 1 person for 7 days.
Price : $30.00

You get everything above for the single invite infections service  but you get an invite each day for 7 days. Save a lot of money with this package. Great for Game Battles and for everyday players who want an upper hand on the competition.

Unlock All / 10th Prestige Packages & Prices

XP & Prestige Lobby Package.
Price : $7.50

You will get into a lobby where you will get to the prestige you want, level 1 or level 70. You do not get infections with this package or everything unlocked.
Unlock All Lobby Package.
Price : $10.00

You will get into a lobby where you will get all challenges, all titles, all emblems (except spinning 10th emblem), all camos and all pro perks. This works best if you are already level 70.
Unlock All + Prestige / XP Package
Price : $13.00

You will get level 70 on whatever prestige you want + all challenges, all camos, all pro perks, all titles, emblems(except spinning 10th emblem)