Newly added, now available and taking orders.

View the media above to determine what drive you have. If you have one of the above and would like to have your drive flashed to play burnt games then read below.

Drives we flash :

We now flash the following DVD Drives for Xbox 360 consoles :

All BenQ Drives 
All Hitachi Drives 
All Samsung 
All Toshiba Drives 
Lite On 83850c v1 Drives 
We do not flash 360 Slim Drives/Models

All drives are flashed with the latest firmware available for there particular model/brand. 
We do not flash the Lite On 7/9 Series Drives or the LiteOn 83850c v2
Flat rate fee of $45 per drive, with free return shipping and 1 free game.
Drives are flashed the same day I recieve them and will be dropped off at the local post office for shipment back to you, within 2 business days via USPS Priority Mail with tracking # and delivery confirmation.

How it works :

  1. You contact us on AIM or through a email, with drive information.
  2. We respond with more specific instructions
  3. You send payment to us through PayPal.
  4. You mail us your DVD Drive or your 360 console.
  5. We receive your drive / console and inform you.
  6. We flash your DVD drive and inform you when we will be shipping it back to you.
  7. We print a label for your order and send the tracking info to you.
  8. We ship your drive/console back to you.
  9. You receive it and play game back ups / burnt games and enjoy!

Note :

If you send in your whole 360 console, you must include $10 USD in the packaging. If you send in only your DVD drive you will receive free return shipping/tracking.
If you would like to place a order email us at with order inquires or more information / questions.

Payment methods accepted : PayPal, Check / Money Order, Cash in person or through the mail.

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